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A flight case that is ready-to-go for € 99,- Is that even possible? What is the delivery time of a flight case construction kit? What is the delivery time if I order my flight case ready-to-go? Which tools do I need to assemble my flight case construction kit? Have the holes for the build-in handles already been milled beforehand? Have the profiles of the flight case construction kit already been sawn to size? Is the glue included with the flight case construction kit with foam? What is the difference between Standard and Heavy Duty quality? I have placed a part incorrectly in the casebuilder. How can I remove it? I would like to rotate my handle by 90º. How can I do this? How do I center my built-on lock on the flight case? I would like to add extra options to my flight case that are not mentioned by the Casebuilder. Where can I turn to? I noticed that I can opt for several types of boarding material for a flight case. What is the difference between HPL and Betonplex?

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